We did this for our planet.

We did this for our children.

And we did this for you.

It’s called Ulterion®.

Finally, there’s a truly revolutionary package coating designed to make your paper cups and straws fully sustainable, the Earth healthier, and your life more manageable.  Ulterion® will help you  eliminate the environmental issues you face every day and reduce the price you pay to be compliant.



  • 100% Repulpable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Will not Inhibit Compostability
  • Up to 95% Recycled/Renewable Content
  • Upcycled PET is Primary Raw Material
  • Reduces Production of Virgin PE
  • 100% Elimination of Industrial Waste


  • FDA Approved
  • BfR Listed
  • Prop 65 Compliant
  • Non-Plastic per EU Regulations
  • Exempt from PE Taxes and Tariffs

Clean Chemistry

  • No Polyethylene
  • No FC
  • No Styrene Copolymers
  • No Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • No Acrylic
  • No Silicone
  • No Wax


  • 30-Minute COBB <10
  • Heat-sealable
  • Producing cups at maximum machine speed
  • Easy De-nesting
  • Familiar taste and feel
  • Great Print Performance
  • Best Return Value on Industrial Waste
  • Cost competitive to PE

This is a big idea you can throw away.

This is a big idea you can throw away.

Ulterion® is the latest in green, sustainable chemistry. Our solutions help foster a circular economy by taking waste products out of the waste stream and creating new products that are recyclable, repulpable, and empower compostability.   Here’s what our green coatings can accomplish:

  • Eliminate up to 4 billion pounds of LDPE production annually
  • Remove as many as 23 billion PET bottles annually from the waste stream
  • Remove 44 billion lbs of paper from landfill waste annually
  • Enable packaging paper to be recycled up to 7 times
  • Return at least $9.2 Billion to the paper packaging value chain annually

Ulterion® coated cups meet Proposition 65 standards in California, are FDA approved, and are BfR listed.

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Ulterion® coatings upcycle food-grade PET and other naturally occurring ingredients to create biodegradable and repulpable water-based coatings so that cup producers can create fully sustainable cups and straws without costly changes to current production methods.

Cups aren’t our only transformation. The packaging possibilities for Ulterion® go well beyond paper cups and straws. Ulterion® has also changed the future for sandwich wraps, french fry cartons and clamshells as well as all other food-contact paper packaging.

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A Little About the Science Behind ULTERION®

A Little About the Science Behind ULTERION®

Ulterion® is a line of sustainable package coatings from the innovative technologies of Jain Chem, long known for quality coatings and packaging breakthroughs.  Ulterion® coatings are repulpable, recyclable, and compostable, and replace polyethylene and other chemicals which negatively affect the environment.

Ulterion® coatings are water repellent and heat-sealable, FDA approved,  Prop 65 compliant, and BfR listed.  They are suitable for cups, straws, ice cream cartons, frozen and chilled foods (are you reading this, Brand Owners?).

Best of all, cups and other packaging coated with Ulterion® are formed on the exact same equipment – no capex is required to make your cups and other packaging fully sustainable.

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Our Cups Runneth Over With Satisfaction.

Millions of Ulterion®-coated cups have been sold in major quick service restaurants to date – nearly 400,000 per month, and not one complaint has been registered.  Cups and straws coated with Ulterion® meet all industry performance and consumer demands, and help steward the sustainable future of the planet.

More Good News

Our Cups Runneth Over With Satisfaction.

Your Life Just Got a Little More Sustainable Too.

Your Life Just Got a Little More Sustainable Too.

We know the pressures you’re under. Investors, activists, everyone and their brother have something to say about packaging and how it affects the planet. Ulterion® is the answer that they…and you, have been hoping for.  With sustainable solutions for paper cups, straws, food packaging and more, Ulterion® coatings are not only ecologically friendly, they are the ultimate up-cycler – as Ulterion® coatings make it possible to recycle the packaging paper up to 7 times without losing paper-making strength.

Currently, Ulterion® coatings are poised to be welcome everywhere in North America and Europe. Beyond that, the global possibilities and the resulting positive environmental impact are extremely encouraging.  So take a deep breath and know there’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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