We envision a thriving, sustainable planet where green chemistries provide necessary and innovative solutions to reduce human waste and improve the quality of life for all beings.


Ulterion® is a line of highly sustainable, functional and barrier coatings from Jain Chem, Ltd., a specialty chemical technology company. Our focus is on the development and sale of innovative, value-added functional polymer products that help businesses stay compliant, be more profitable and respect the planet.

We endeavor to make our customers’ lives easier by offering sustainable products that will take them into the future. Paper and paperboard products that are fully repulpable, recyclable and that don’t diminish compostability are examples of that.

Ulterion products excel in  number of end-user applications such as paper cups, paper straws, water-repellent board for frozen and chilled foods, grease and moisture resistant coatings for take-out packaging, baking release—and we also create products that serve the textile industry in the production of denim as well as other garments and textile products.

Ulterion is known as much for what we our products don’t contain as what they contain. We utilize as much as 95% recycled and renewable raw materials in our coatings, materials such as up cycled food-grade, waste PET which helps eliminate new petro-based plastic production. And also helps eliminate millions of pounds of plastic waste from the landfill.

In the paper market, our coatings replace fluorochemicals, polyethylene, wax, styrene acrylic and all other chemicals of environmental and health concern. All Ulterion coatings are FDA approved, BFR listed, and Proposition 65 compliant for all food contact applications.

Best of all is the one thing all Ulterion products contain—the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology. That’s what separates us, and that’s what will make your job easier.


Product Development & Modification

From time to time an existing product may require some adjustment in property to meet a performance standard or adapt to a process. Jain Chem researchers work diligently when necessary to find a formulation adjustment to make a product perform successfully. Many of our products are 2nd or 3rd generation developments that have allowed customers to move forward with success.

Plant Operations

Jain Chem utilizes a number of plant operating techniques to produce its products and make improvements when necessary. Operations used in the manufacture of Ulterion®brand products are:

  • Hot Oil Reactors
  • Hot Water Reactors
  • Blend Tanks
  • Hammer Mill Grinders
  • Emulsifiers
  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Filtration
  • Storage Tank Farm
  • Quality Control

Management Team

Gil Sherman

Sales Manager

Gil joined JainChem in 2018 as Sales Manager and has 11 years’ experience in the sales and marketing of sustainable coatings for packaging applications.  Gil came into the industry after 30 years in senior roles in a broad-based consulting practice, as well as in firms that manufacture products which support clean energy production.

Clint Varnadore

Vice President-Technology

Clint joined Ulterion® in 2004 as the Technical Manager responsible for polymer research and development. Clint has 25 plus years in polymer development, project management, and sales support in paper, textile/garment, plastic additives, and other industrial applications. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a BS in Chemistry and post graduate studies in business administration at Georgia State University.