We have one planet Earth and we intend to do our part to be responsible stewards of it. We believe in the promise of a regenerative future in which materials are created to be used responsibly so that our planet can continue to thrive and sustain life. That is why we have chosen to focus on green chemistries that eliminate landfill and ocean waste due to plastics. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy, sustainable, robust and circular economy.


For every problem there is a solution. We are strong believers in striving for solutions instead of wallowing in problems. Innovation is our lifeblood as exemplified by our expertise in non-toxic, green technologies that eliminate waste and enhance sustainable food packaging and environmental compliance for many other industries.  Our R&D focus helps us better meet our customers’ changing needs while delivering performance and added value to their products. We not only innovate to protect our planet, we do so to help our customers prosper.


We believe in the value diversity brings. And we live it everyday in our offices. Our minority family-owned company, Jain Chem, Ltd., based in Greenville, South Carolina celebrates the benefits that diverse people, diverse thinking and diverse perspectives bring. In a company that thrives on innovation and ideas such as ours, diverse thought is seen as critical. Minorities and women make up over 1/3 of our staff, and we further underscore our belief in diversity by declaring Juneteenth as an official company holiday.


We believe in giving back to the places in which we live and do business. And we are committed to that notion as demonstrated through significant volunteering and financial donations. We provide generous donations annually to local non-profit organizations in need, as well as substantial donations of needed supplies such as hand sanitizer to first responders locally, state-wide and nationally. We encourage all of our employees to be active within their communities in an effort to improve the lives of those less fortunate.