The calculators below are designed to assist paper industry customers convert from wet to dry coat weight in a laboratory setting from a known amount of solids and determine the area coated a given dimension of paper in both British and metric units. Simply insert the known values and click calculate for an answer.

Fill in all values to complete calculation. Use numbers and decimal points only – no spaces, commas or other symbols.

To take out effects of moisture loss and gain during the coating process, the best way to calculate coat weight in a lab setting is to weigh paper in the natural state and then coat with solution and immediately reweigh the paper before drying. Use the calculation below to generate dry coat weights.

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gms. Initial Paper Weight
gms. Paper Weight Before Drying
2.000 gms. Wet Coat Weight
% Solids of Coating
0.200 gms. Dry Coat Weight
Paper Area
Length of Paper (inches) = 93.500 in²
Width of Paper (inches)
0.679 dry lb/MSF
Metric Conversions
Length of Paper (cm) = 0.050
Width of Paper (cm)
4.000 dry g/m²