Oil and grease repellants have typically been measured by 3M®Kit testing.  This test is comprised of solvent chemistries (toluene and heptane) in which degrade and dissolve most barrier chemistries.  Since the 3M® Kit test solely relies on the surface tension to determine the quantitative amount of fluoro chemistries applied, it is not a useful tool to determine oil and grease barrier and maintain economical solutions. Without fluoro chemistries oil and grease barriers require a resistant film formation.  Jain Chem, Ltd. has produced a test method similar to that of the 3M® Kit test, yet it uses natural oils and wetting aids to determine the barrier (film forming) properties of most oil and grease applications.  This test is known as the JCOT (Jain Chem Oil Test).  It has a scale rating of 1 to 10, where 1 being a minimal oil resistant barrier and 10 being the maximum oil barrier.

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