Jain Chem’s Ulterion® 100 Series hydrophillic lubricants are designed to lower the coefficient of friction of a coated surface, eliminate can picking and improve runnability. All products are FDA approved for use in food packaging applications.

Ulterion® 120 WD

Ulterion® 120 WD is a 100% active coating lubricant designed specifically to improve the runnability of high speed coaters. Its unique molecular composition imparts rheological and water holding characteristics to all types of paper coating and sizing formulations.  Ulterion® 120 WD is particularly effective in eliminating can picking of starch and Ulterion® 5000 Series products during the paper-making process.

Ulterion® 120 WD Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 150 WD

Ulterion® 150 WD also known as “Turkey Red Oil” is a sulfonated castor oil that is completely dispersible in water. Ulterion® 150 WD is a highly soluble lubricant that can be formulated into coatings to improve runnability and promote a more uniform application of coatings to the substrate.

Ulterion® 150 WD Tech Bulletin