Ulterion® dyebath additives are designed to improve color yield, improve cohesion, durability and abasion resistance during processing of textiles.

Ulterion® 3050

Ulterion® 3050 is a high molecular weight, highly cationic polyamine coagulant used as a dye fixative in vat dyeing operations.

Dye Leveler & Fixative 3050 Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 4300

Ulterion® 4300 is an anionic polyacrylamide dye leveling agent for acid dying.

Dye Leveler & Fixative 4300 Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® PW 300

Ulterion® PW 300 is a sulfonated dispersion of a polyester co-polymer designed to level acid dyes on all types of Nylon fiber and fabric.

Dye Leveler & Fixative PW 300 Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® PW 600

Ulterion® PW 600 is a water soluble polyester providing excellent cohesion, abrasion resistance and durability during processing of synthetics and especially polyester fabrics.

Dye Leveler & Fixative PW 600 Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 4440

Ulterion® 4440 is a DADMAC resin, which when put in a dye bath or finishing bath, imparts an affinity of the dye to the fiber and therefore eliminates bleeding during washing.

Dye Leveler & Fixative 4440 Tech Bulletin