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Ulterion Anti-Skid/Anti-Scuff Coatings

Ulterion Anti-Skid/Anti-Scuff Coatings are a non fluorocarbon based, non-abrasive, polymer based coating used for specific food packaging and small parts. Ulterion Anti-Skid/Anti-Scuff Coatings are water based and are gluable with both hot melt and cold set adhesives.

Recommended Solutions


(Top Coat)

Ulterion 835 NS TDS

No Chemicals of Concern

No Polyethylene
No Styrene Copolymers
No Polyvinyl Alcohol
No Acrylic
No Silicone
No Wax

Excellent Performance

Hot and cold-set glueable
Excellent product protection
Great for pallet slip sheets
Best Return Value on Industrial Waste
Cost competitive

Ultimate Sustainability

100% Repulpable
100% Recyclable
Will not Inhibit Compostability
Up to 95% Recycled/Renewable Content
Upcycled PET is Primary Raw Material
Reduces Production of Virgin PE
100% Elimination of Industrial Waste

Strict Regulatory Compliance

FDA Approved
BfR Listed
Prop 65 Compliant
Non-Plastic per EU Regulations
Exempt from PE Taxes and Tariffs