Jain Chem’s Ulterion® Brand release coatings are water-based, ready-to-use recyclable, repulpable coatings designed for a wide range of applications including baking and food packaging, tape and a variety of industrial applications. These coatings are very versatile can be applied on a paper machine, off-coater, printing press or press formed. Most Ulterion® release coatings are FDA approved for food packaging applications and are an ideal economical alternative to silicone products.

Ulterion® 575 HV

Ulterion® 575 HV is a FDA approved high viscosity coating developed for water repellency. It has been formulated to replace PE and wax coatings. It has applications in moisture barrier, cup stock, frozen foods, cold release, food packaging coatings, and others where water holdout is a requirement.

Ulterion® 575 HV Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 820 RC

Ulterion® 820 RC is a FDA approved premium release coating developed for hot and cold substrates and is free of styrene, silicone, chromium, and flouro chemicals. It provides superior release for hot melt adhesives and high temperature release

Ulterion® 820 RC Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® 835 NS

Ulterion® 835 NS is a non fluorocarbon based, non-abrasive polymer based anti-scuff coating for paperboard and container board used for specific food packaging and small parts. Ulterion® 835 NS is water based and is glueable with both hot melt and cold set adhesives.

Ulterion® 835 NS Tech Bulletin