Polyester soil release agents used in textile finishing of polyester fabrics and non-wovens.

Ulterion® PW 100i

Ulterion® PW-100i is an excellent soil release for polyester for a wide variety of stains including grease, oil and food additives.  Ulterion® PW-100i is a 100% solid form of a non-ionic polyester copolymer.  PW 100i is easily dispersed in water to more usable solids levels and can be formulated with other additives to enhance performance.

Ulterion® PW 100i Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® PW 106

Ulterion® PW 106 is an anionic sulfonated durable textile-finishing agent, which imparts soil release, antistatic properties, and increases moisture absorbency of 100% polyester and its blends; it is durable to dry-cleaning and washing.  Ulterion® PW 106 has proven to be a very durable soil release agent excellent for a variety of stains on polyester.

Ulterion® PW 106 Tech Bulletin

Ulterion® MSR

Ulterion® MSR is a solid nonionic polyester copolymer. It is designed to provide superior soil release properties to polyester and poly/cotton fabrics.  Ulterion® MSR is a non-ionic polyester copolymer which also improves wicking, softness and anti-static properties to polyester/cotton fabrics.

Ulterion® MSR Tech Bulletin